About Us

I have been involved in cycling for over 24 years in all forms of the sport: road, mtb, stage races, tours. I have seen cycling from all aspects: participant, supporter, spectator, organiser.  I have raced and competed in almost every major cycling event in the country and in most of the Ultra Triathlons in SA, including 10 Iron Man’s. With all of this said I know the needs, the worries, the frustrations when it comes to the transportation of your equipment. Our bikes are like our babies –  we expect it to be taken care of (TLC) and respected.

I know the hassles of boxing – disassembling, re-assembling at the race. Afterwards everything is dirty, you are tired and now you have to disassemble and box your bike in time to catch your flight home. The troubles with flying your bike – the restraints at airports (box size, luggage limit, co2 canisters), not to mention the frustration of trying to fit everything in the rental car often shared by two of you. And there is no guarantee that the “fragile” sticker works

Being exposed to all of the above mentioned, I realized the need for a hassle free solution. I gave up the corporate world to follow a dream, my passion. With all the pressures at work, and the challenges of balancing work and pleasure in today’s society I want to alleviate some of these pressures for you by taking the hassles of transporting your bike away from you.

Convenient Drop off

We have secured convenient drop off points in Gauteng as well as in Cape Town. Meet us in person when you drop your bike off to be transported to an event. Bring your bike race ready knowing that no adjustments will be made to your settings. Collect your bike at the start of the event, ready to race. For your convenience we will have some basics with us should the need arise.

Bike Care

After your race you simply drop your bike off with us. Knowing the consequences on dirty equipment, we wash your bike and lube the chain before loading for the return trip to prevent rust setting in. Bikes are individually covered and transported in a closed, box trailer

Excellent Customer Care

And for your convenience we offer a one-stop booking option: you can pre-book a service package and often a massage package at the same time you book your bike for transportation. Event though we have an on-line booking system, you are most welcome to mail us with your specific needs and inquiries.

At stage events we might surprise you at the water points, SMILE when you see us because our phones are always ready to take a photo which we will share with you afterwards.

What our clients have been saying…

Billy from All In Events goes above and beyond any other bike transport company – from delivering my bike to my office, to finding the time to sort out a pesky gear problem, to picking up my bike and gear bags from transition post race – simply awesome service!

Arnold G

Coming from Germany it was so great to have someone take care of our bikes before the race, and after so that we could tour the country without the hassle of worrying about what to do with the bikes.


I love doing races, but it is always such a hassle figuring out how to pack the bike and get it to the race – All In Events takes care of everything so that I can just show up and ride!

Candice H

Dear Billy and Izell,
A successful 2019 Dis-Chem Ride for Sight is over and all that is left for us to do is to thank all our
wonderful sponsors.
We would like to thank you for the wonderful prizes you sponsored for the Lucky Draw competition at our race. The great lucky draw prizes that we offer is one of the reasons that our event continues to be so popular in the cycling fraternity. This year 5 000 cyclists took part in the race. We have had numerous positive comments from cyclists about the event on social media and this is entirely due to every single person who gave of their best to make the event such a success. Please find attached our 4 page race flyer that includes your logo on page 3 under Prizes. We are truly grateful to be able to call upon such wonderful Companies such as yours and we hope that we will be able to call upon you again with regards a wonderful prize/s for our Lucky Draw at our 2020 event.
Have a lovely day.
Kind Regards,

James Cape & Claudette Medefindt

Hi Billy

Thanks for the great service. I’ll always use you for my bike. Not just for the great service but also your great personality.

Dean S